About U Wrench It

We are an Auto Shop repair facility that is different from anything else you have seen. This is the first of its kind in the area. We believe most people get satisfaction out of doing things themselves. We want to provide a service that provides just that to the customer! Whether you are brand new at DIY, watch video’s to learn new things, are familiar with how to do most on cars already but wants to learn more, or work on cars for a living, there is a service here for you!

Why Choose US?

professional and honest

Our business is unique and offers a wide range of benefits that other businesses can’t offer. Most dealerships or aftermarket repair shops pay their technicians a commission for work completed on customer vehicles. This means technicians want YOUR hard earned money. At U Wrench It, we pay our employees a salary and don’t permit dishonest “up sales”. We work with you side by side in repairing your vehicle the right way throughout the entire process. You will be able to see firsthand and verify, “Do I really need these brake pads?”

Learn from experts

We want you to save money! We teach and aide in repairs to help build your skill set, so the next time you are not forced to pay an unplanned automotive repair that creates a financial emergency. 

work with us

If you’re doing your own repairs, then choosing to do it with us is that simple. We have everything you need to repair your vehicle yourself. No job is too big or too small. U Wrench it will save you in many ways: From having to lie on your back to complete repairs, walking back and forth to obtain the tools to complete the repair, or having to go to a friend’s house and cleaning up after yourself. Our MVP package allows you to save even more money by avoiding all discomforts of knowing how to do the work and not having a space to do so!
Lastly, we can save you up to 64% off the entire cost of your automotive repair by doing the work yourself or side by side while our Master Technician guides you through it!

What we believe in and Stand For!

We want you to save money! How many automotive shops can say this? We believe the more you learn from us the more you will want to come back to perform more repairs. We are always here to help, educate, and provide a safe and honest place to work. Our core values are transparency, honesty, and empowering our customers to grow!

What’s coming up?

Want to learn more on how to work on your own car? We will be providing automotive classes to empower customers to get some experience and save money. Classes will be small groups and we will be teaching maintenance repairs like oil changes, brake pads, light bulbs, and tune ups. Like our social media pages to be informed of any/all classes. Dates and times will be posted on our social media platforms as they progress.

We want your feedback!

We love to hear what you think. How can we get better? Don’t see something in the shop, TELL US! Please reach out to us via email or message us on social media. We will get back to you!

How to reach us!


705 NJ-73, Palmyra NJ 08065

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