$650 per month (due first visit)

The MVP package is for the expert DIY’ers only. This package includes; a lift bay with all included standard items such as tools, tool cart, diagnostic code reader, and computer software. Everything you need to do it yourself. But this package gives you so much more! U Wrench It will give you unlimited use to all tools and machines in the shop. You also get a 20% discount off the list price of all parts we get through our vendors. Lastly, you get a guarantee of 36 hours of lift time per month at a discounted rate. You can use all 36 hours in a week or 8 hours per week. You need to schedule in advance to reserve your lift time.

So whether you are working on your own project or working on other cars for your friends/family or your own customer base, you can utilize this package to save you money. The package is a $430 dollar savings just in lift time and much more depending on use of tools, machines, and parts supplied by us. You just have to pay the 7.5% waste/disposal fee with each visit which breaks down to $15 a visit. 

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