Lift Bay

$29.99 per hour

This is a bay with a lift. This bay comes with a standard tool box with tools, tool cart, lights, diagnostic code reader, and computer software. You can do anything in this bay that you’re comfortable doing. Whether you’re performing basic maintenance, state inspection repairs, diagnostic, or drivetrain repairs like an engine, this is the package for you! Nothing is too small or too big! 

You can bring in your own tools or use ours! If you don’t have what you need to do the repair and the tool is not provided in the tool box you can rent it from us as well. We also have machines and equipment to rent if that’s what you need as well. You can even bring your own parts to install or order it with us! The flexibility to do your own project, how you want to, with what you bought yourself is how we imagine it should be. We provide the safe location and you provide the empowering attitude to Do It Yourself!

This service can provide up to 65% savings compared to local repair shop charges! Ideally for advanced to expert level DIY’ers.

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