In addition to our DIY auto and traditional repair, we also specialize in Audi and Volkswagen performance. From street performance to custom racing engine designs with an emphasis on forced induction, supercharging, nitrous and water meth injection, we have you covered!


In addition, we are a proud 034 Motorsport vendor that has an extended knowledge on performance 034 products. All products can be purchased, installed and tuned by us. We also provide data logging and will review with you individually to ensure your vehicle is running perfectly.

We also have many partnerships to help individualize your build. From CT Turbo, AM Tuned, Merc Racing, German Performance Solution’s, Urotuning, FCP euro, NX Express, Snow Performance, and many more.


Please take a look at our services below and if you have any specific questions please email or call at: 267.225.3773


Complete engine builds & rebuilds

From stock components with fresh hardware, gaskets, and misc components to forged pistons, rods, sleeves, Arp bolts and more.

Cylinder head builds & rebuilds

From stock components with fresh hardware, gaskets, and misc components to upgraded springs, oversized valves, and titanium retainers.

Cylinder head porting

We offer hand porting or CNC finished cylinder heads for mild street applications to full performance race engine heads. We optimize and confirm performance gains with the use of a Saenz S-600 flow bench whether maximizing low lift and mid lift flow or mid to high lift flow for high boost applications.

Engine balancing & high speed crank balancing

We provide high speed crank balancing that is within 1 gram plus or minus. This massively increases the performance of your vehicle and engine whilst also reducing vibrations that may come with stressed metal and an unbalanced engine.

Custom Turbo Kits

We use high quality products, engine management, and reference for tuning for kit. Our custom turbo kits are built and fit with precision and focus with the experience of custom builds throughout 15 years of projects. (Something coming very soon for the Audi 3.0T platform)

Supercharger and Pro Charger installs

We install Pro Charged kits for all makes and models. Although we don’t provide custom work on Pro charger kits, we install most Vortec and ProCharger systems. 


In addition we install ported chargers and Merc Racing charger kits and divorced loop or upgraded coolant systems along with Intercooler brick maintenance

Nitrous oxide full installs with progressive controllers

We install full Nitrous kits, wet or dry. We can install any upgrade related to this system. Bottle warmer, fail safes, progressive switches, or a tradition WOT switch. We will also help with logging your vehicle and dialing in the jetting for a safe mixture. (Tuning is recommended)

Water Meth injection install

We install AEM or Snow performance WMI systems to your needs. Whether for cooling properties or additional fueling needs, we customize our install for your specific needs.

Multiport injection with module installs

We specialize in installations with multiport injection. Allowing sufficient fueling support for upgrading power levels. 100% E85 complaint. We also install injectors and injector controller to finish this modification.

Low Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrades

We offer low pressure fuel pump upgrades. Adding more low end pressure to support your fuel delivery needs.

Our Performance Work

Customer Service and Transparency

Along with these services we also believe this is an experience for you. We believe in customer service and transparency just as we do with our DIY community. We will provide pictures and videos of installs and you can swing by anytime during the process. We believe the importance of being apart of the build and can incorporate the DIY portion of the business with your specific build as an option. This is a case by case situation and shall be discussed before the build begins.


For any information requested please contact us at 267.225.3773 or