Safety Video (Must watch and sign for)

frequently Asked Questions

If additional time is required and there is no reservations scheduled, you can continue to repair your vehicle and pay for the additional time in increments of an hour (depending on scheduled time). If there is a reserved time after yours, we can reschedule to finish your repair or have one of our Master technicians finish the repair for you.

You are permitted to bring your own tools to our facility. However, we are not responsible for any damage, lost, or stolen tools while in our facility. They are your sole responsibility.

No, you do not have to purchase parts from our facility. You have the ability to bring your own parts to perform your repair. If it comes to a point where you need additional parts and have plenty of lift time scheduled, then we would be happy to get you the additional parts. We work with vendors that deliver supplies and parts to us as we need them. The response time is quick and we will have you back up and running in no time.

We can help assist you with aftermarket upgrades or accessories. However, we are not responsible for any opportunities that may happen with the install of these components. Although our technicians are well versed in automotive, we are not professional audio installer, aftermarket suspension list installers, or perform power train performance upgrades on vehicles, We can help you but understand with our core values of transparency, anything can happen with aftermarket upgrades or accessories and we will not be liable. This will be customers own risk. 

You can have 1 friend accompany you while working on your car. They must stay 5 feet from your vehicle for safety reasons and are not permitted to assist you. That’s what our technicians are for. Failure to comply, your plus one will be asked to leave the building. Keep in mind; no children under the age of 16 are permitted in the shop for safety precautions. 16 to 17 yr olds are allowed in workspace and must be accompanied by an adult 25 years or older. Photo ID is required for both individuals.
We have everything that an aftermarket shop will have and almost anything a dealership will have. You can perform tire work, exhaust work/repair, AC repair/recharge, machining rotors, wheel bearings with press use, coil overs or springs. We currently can’t perform coding, key programming, limited computer programming (depends on manufacturer) or alignments at this time. (Alignments coming soon)
Not at this time, however by year three we hope to implement this service. We plan to have Auto body technicians work shoulder to shoulder with you as well for body work or painting.
For attire, you must wear closed toe shoes, long pants, sleeved T-shirts. Gloves and Safety glasses will be provided for you. Glasses must be worn at all time while inside the shop. Failure to comply will result in having to leave the building with no refund. We recommend wearing steel toe boots but are not mandatory.
No, we recommend you leave 10-15 minutes of time suggested for clean up. A U Wrench It employee will double check and sign off of any and all tools rented prior to you leaving. You are still required to clean up your area and return all tools rented or used. Once an employee verifies the area is cleaned and all tools and equipment are returned, you are free to go. Failure to clean area will be a $15 fee. If any tools are found lost or broken during inspection, you are responsible for paying the replacement cost.