Lift Bay W/Technician

$54.99 per hour

This Lift Bay with technician packages includes; a bay with a lift, a standard tool box with tools, tool cart, flash light, diagnostic code reader, computer software and an experienced ASE Master certified technician working shoulder to shoulder with you. While you will perform the work yourself, our technician will help guide you throughout the entire repair. The technician will give you step by step instructions on your repair, advising you solutions to things that may come up during the repair, and attempting to save you as much money as possible along the way. While this obviously saves you money the important part is that empowers you to learn and want to do it yourself. We give you the tools to gain the confidence to work on your own car this time and the next! We recommend you do what you feel comfortable with. 

If you don’t have what you need to do the repair and the tool is not provided, you can rent it from us. Machines and equipment are also available to rent if needed. A few examples are mounting and balancing our own tires, machining your own rotors, recharging your AC system. We can help with all of this! You can even bring your own parts to install or order it with us!

This service can provide up to 45% savings compared to local repair shop charges! This package is ideal for Novice to advance level DIY’ers

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